One Call Now Portal

How to allow texting to your mobile device:

Once you have updated your contact information and have included a mobile device in your contacts;

Follow these steps to receive texts from the Dallas School District:

1. Using the mobile device you registered with ONE CALL NOW, send a text message to 22300.

2. In the body of the text type alert. Send the message.

3. You will receive a reply that informs you that you will receive texts and text rates may apply.

4. You must follow the above steps from each mobile device you have registered with ONE CALL NOW to receive texts to the mobile device.

The benefit of utilizing and accepting texts include faster dissemination of information and the ability to maintain a log of text to refer back to as needed.

For questions about ONE CALL NOW related to updating your information or setting up text communication with Dallas, contact Mrs. Dawn Williams in our Technology Department at 570-675-5201 Extension 1052 or your building principal.