School Board

Board Members

President: Mrs. Kristin Pitarra Vice President: Mrs. Christine Swailes

School Board Members:

Mrs. Christine Swailes, Mrs. Kristin Pitarra, Mrs. Susan Allen, Mrs. Sherri L. Newell,

Mr. Gary Youngblood, Mr. Mark Bacewicz, Mr. Ed Dudick, Mr. Patrick Musto and Mr. Larry Schuler

School Board Secretary, Lynn Wilson - l w i l s o n @ d s d h s . c o m


Business Office Reports

Board Committees

DSD Policies

Please be advised that the denotation of "Reviewed" indicates internal review only and release to the online format. "Revised" indicates school board action and changes to the policy that were approved by the school board with date of approval. "Adopted" indicates review and approval of the policies by school board, often as a collection of policies as a result of PSBA review, for example.

Policy questions should be directed to the superintendent of schools.

Mission and Goals

Goals 2018-2019

Comprehensive plan goals 2018-19 YEAR END .pdf

Board Minutes